Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ideas for junior!

It is reallly exciting to watch junior grow!
haven't yet given him a name! still under major discussions!

Gonna create a scrapbook :)
the good old fashioned way!
With pictures and notes and crafted stuff!

Junior's crying has changed - his voice sounds more precise.
he recognises faces more clearly....apart from identifying who's holding him!

he's already smart to react to voice modulations of his mother!
if she raises her voice, junior goes silent - shrinking his face and pulling down the eyebrows... just almost ready to cry...
and if she goes on a scolding tone, phat! he breaks out crying!
and when she takes a soothing tone, he calms down and looks at the intently...and gives an occasional smile!

oh boy! he's quite a delight ... can go on playing for hours with him!
he goes mostly by his mom in the face and seems to have inherited part of my behaviors :) along with the physique!

Need to get a nice digital cam for taking his pics.