Friday, February 16, 2007

Ode to my breadwinner for the past 10 years

Delphi turns 12!
Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

Happy birthday Dear Delphi, and wish you many more returns of the happy day!
Hope Codegear takes care of you well and help you reach the heights you deserve!

What should be said as just another RAD tool / Platform, means quite a lot to me...

She won me my bread and butter for 10 years...
has build me my career...
got me accolades and recognition...
gave me lifetime friends!

feels dreamy....
still remember the first time i saw delphi...

late 1995 - an introductory seminar organized by then dealers for borland products in india - wipro.
It was Daniel Ingitaraj, present day (Director, "Developer Platform Evangelism" at microsoft singapore)
who did the show and the talk.

and on that fateful day, the love with delphi blossemed... which continued (and occasionally continues...) to help me win my bread for the past 10 years. And turned me into a hardcore delphi fanatic delphi advocate.

Of course it wasn't a bed of roses, but still in india, Delphi was a niche platform and the developer community was miniscule - but very technical and strong. (some of the toughest brilliant minds - as delphi was and still remains a platform without proper schools for training). And much fewer delphi software houses.

Delphi was a passion among the community and it was more a cult and there was a time when delphi gurus were revered. :) and it was prestigeous to work with any of the delphi stronghold/software houses.

Sigh!!! The scene changed after 2001. Dot Net And D8 spelled the decline of delphi and scattering of the delphi techies... The passion dissipated overall and the second/third/fourth generation of delphi developers were no match/no good with the first ones!

By then, delphi has become just another platform and the passion has vanished. With less/no money/market being a delphi developer was no fancy.

Delphi had become one another commodity. (I still view it the same - in its present scenario)

There are a few islands of people who still work on delphi with the same passion. but rare to find!
It is worthy of writing a story and not just filling a blog entry with a few paras!

Some day, i'll find time and the mind to pen those golden days! :)